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      Inflated medical bills are an issue that affect millions of Americans every year. We are here to help.


      of all hospital bills contain errors


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      Step ONE

      Tell us about your situation

      Briefly describe your situation.  Tell us about your problem, the approximate size of your bill, or what kind of health insurance you have. This will help us connect you with a medical billing expert specialized in solving your problem.

      Step TWO

      Choose your personal advocate

      Shortly after you submit your request, we will connect you to a medical billing advocate who will speak with you about your case. We believe that every patient has personal needs, so we will allow you to discuss your history with the advocate at length and receive the best advice on how to proceed.

      Step Three

      Save on your medical bill today

      After you have connected with the advocate and have agreed to work together, the advocate will identify potential errors, assess overcharges, and negotiate the bill for you.  You will only be charged if the advocate has saved you money.  

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      Meet your future advocates

      The medical billing advocates on BillCrew are experts with decades of experience in medical billing and coding. They understand how the healthcare system works and use their expertise to help patients like you reduce your medical bills.

      How do they do this? Advocates have specific expertise in identifying improper billing and overcharges, and negotiating bills down to fair amounts.

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      Valuable lessons.

      3 things to do when your medical bill is too high

      Did you receive a medical bill that you just know is too high? In America, thousands of people have gone bankrupt because they were unable to pay their medical bills. Medical expenses are the number one cause of private bankruptcy in the U.S. It doesn’t have to come to this.

      What should should know before your next hospital visit.

      Are you preparing for a hospital visit? I know that your medical bill should be the last thing on your mind, but unfortunately, medical debt is the number one cause of private bankruptcy in the U.S. More and more people are receiving large medical bills after their stay and cannot afford to pay them.

      How to easily identify 3 common bill mistakes.

      1. Duplicate charges: Sometimes hospitals will just double charge you for your treatment. After you receive your itemized bill, scan it for any duplicates. Chances are, you may find one. For most of duplications, it will be immediately clear to you that you did not receive the treatment twice.

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      What we believe in

      Fair treatment

      Medical billing errors and overcharging is rampant throughout the U.S. and millions of patients are unfairly suffering the consequences. We want you to be treated (and charged) fairly by the healthcare system.


      100% on your side

      Medical billing is a complex maze that can be difficult to navigate and immensely frustrating. We want you to feel confident and assured as you tackle billing issues with an expert who understands the ins and outs of the system.

      Personal service

      Medical bills are a truly personal matter. We want to provide a personal relationship to a trusted advocate because not only is it the most effective way to reduce medical bills, but a secure and confidential one-on-one relationship also maximizes patient privacy.

      Are you a medical billing professional?

      Learn more about how we can work together to help more patients.

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