Doctors and nurses are prescribing a new term to the virus to describe its effects: gerd medication.

“Germ-negative” patients, as the name implies, are said to have no symptoms.

In a rare public appearance, the US president, Donald Trump, said he had prescribed a “Germ” medication to patients suffering from Ebola, the most deadly virus in modern history.

“I had a lot of calls.

People are very sick,” Trump said at the White House on Tuesday, in an apparent reference to the new term.”

And they were asking, ‘Are you a germ?'”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A doctor who is in charge of treating patients at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center told the Associated Press news agency the drug is being prescribed as a “briefcase full of gerds”.

“The idea is to keep them comfortable and comfortable, to get them into the room as soon as possible,” Dr. Michael Vetter told AP.

“It’s really a matter of keeping them as low-risk as possible.”

Dr Vetter also told the AP that he was familiar with the drug, which is called naloxone, which can reverse the effects of the virus and reverse the respiratory symptoms.

He said that naloxy, which has not been used in humans, was a drug that could be used to treat Ebola patients in a similar fashion to that used in treating heroin addicts.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising people who have recently tested positive for the virus, to seek treatment and be monitored closely.

In addition to naloxin, the drug can also be used on infected patients who are in a stable condition.

But a senior CDC official told the New York Times that the drug could also be given to people who are too weak to walk and are in intensive care.

The CDC also has advised doctors to use nalaxone as a last resort in cases where there is no other treatment, such as when there is a high risk of re-infection.

In August, a New York hospital announced it was offering free nalacetone to anyone who had tested positive to the disease.

The New York City Health Department said it would also start distributing nalexone, as well as other drugs such as methadone and methadriaxone, in hospitals, schools and other facilities.

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