Medical login can be a pain in the ass when you’re trying to purchase medical advice.

So if you’ve never used Facebook, don’t fret.

Here’s how to make it easy to use.


Login to Facebook using Facebook’s Login method.

If you’ve used Facebook recently, you may have noticed that it seems like a lot of people are logging into Facebook from their smartphones or laptops, rather than their computers.

The reason for this is because the company is making it easier for you to buy prescription drugs from the company.

If your phone is on a tablet or laptop, you can login with the Facebook app.

You’ll be able to buy medication from any doctor who is registered with Facebook.

And because you can’t just log into Facebook directly, you’ll have to login through the Facebook Login page.

So let’s get started.


Find a doctor.

Go to and click the “Add Doctors” button.

Select a doctor and then select your profile picture.

Select “Profile,” and then “Login.”

Once you’re logged in, you will be able click the button labeled “Edit My Profile” to add your doctor to your account.


Create an account.

Next, create an account for your doctor.

Click the “Create Account” button at the top of the page, and enter your doctor’s name and contact information.


Create a profile.

To create a profile for your physician, click the “+” icon next to your name.

This will create a new account for you.

The account will be saved in the “My Facebook” folder, and you can then add any other doctor to the profile.

If this is your first time using Facebook, make sure you log in with your Facebook password and remember your login details.


Update your profile.

After creating an account, click “Edit Profile” on the page where you have added your doctor and choose “Update Profile.”

This will update your profile and add new doctors to your doctor list.


Update the list of doctors.

Next click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen and select “Edit” to edit your doctor information.

At the top, you should see a new list of doctor names.

Select your new doctor’s contact information and then click “Update.”


Edit your doctor profile.

You can now edit your physician profile.

Just select your doctor name, and then change the “professor” field to the name of your doctor, which will be used to name your profile on Facebook.

If that’s not enough, you might want to change the profile photo to match your photo.

This step is optional, and will not affect your ability to buy prescriptions from your doctor if you’re using the Facebook login method.


Check the status of your profile update.

When you’re ready to update your doctor contact information, click your profile link in the upper right corner and you should be prompted to check your status.

The status of the update should be “Active.”

Now you can proceed to add any additional doctors to the list.


Check your profile to see if it’s in the top 50 doctors.

To see how many doctors your profile has listed, click on the “Edit Drs” button in the lower left corner.

Click on the doctor you wish to add, and click “View.”

This should open up a list of all doctors that your profile currently lists.

Click “Add Doctor.”


Add your first doctor.

Next up, you want to add a doctor to any doctor’s account.

You just need to select the doctor’s first name and choose their photo.

Click and then tap the doctor name to open the doctor profile and select it. 11.

Create your first prescription.

You should see your first photo and a “New” button next to it.

Click that button to open up your first physician profile and enter their first name.

If the doctor is your spouse, the photo will be the spouse’s first picture.

Click their first photo to add them to your “Physician List.”


Add more doctors.

Once you have 10 or more doctors listed, you’re now ready to add another doctor to that doctor’s doctor list and start buying prescription drugs.

Clicking the “Share” button will open up the doctor and prescription listing on Facebook, and if the doctor isn’t in your doctor listing yet, click and then add them.


Add prescriptions.

If all goes well, you now have a list with all of the doctors in your physician’s listing and you’re able to find and buy medication for any doctor.

If not, you’ve still got a few steps left before you can buy medication.

Click one of the three “Add Physicians” buttons at the bottom of your page, then select the doctors you wish.

Once those are added, you just need the doctors name and their email address.

Once the doctor has been added, click their “Add” button to add that doctor to their doctor list,

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