Here’s what it costs to buy a card in Canada, according to data from the National Hospital Survey.

This article is part of CBC’s series On the Front Line on health care.

Here are some key points from the survey: •The average monthly cost of a Canadian medical card in 2016 was $1,084, according an analysis of the survey data by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and the Canadian Hospital Association (CHCA).

•The median monthly cost was $2,054, but it was a higher percentage for older people, children, and people with disabilities.

•The number of prescriptions written per patient was a whopping 13.4 per cent, more than double the average.

•More than a quarter of patients reported they did not know they were eligible for a card.

•Almost 40 per cent of people with chronic conditions were eligible, compared to less than 30 per cent for people without conditions.

•About one in five people had multiple medical conditions and needed multiple prescriptions, up from about one in four in 2015.

•Health care costs per person are increasing faster than incomes.

The average cost of buying a health card in 2017 was $12,500, according the CCPA.

That’s up from $9,600 in 2015, when health costs were about $9 per person.

The cost of getting a health care card was $8,000 in 2017, up 5.5 per cent from 2015.

The number of prescription claims was up 12 per cent over 2015.

This is because of the cost of prescription drugs.

People with chronic diseases are paying more for health care, but so are people with other conditions, according Topper.

Some of the people with serious conditions who are paying a lot of money for health services are also paying for a lot more care in general.

“People are paying way more for their health care than they are paying for other things like housing, food, clothing, and other necessities,” said Topper, who is also a senior health adviser with the CCPCA.

“This is not just for seniors.

It’s a broader issue.”

Topper said there’s an underlying issue with the cost structure of the health care system, and how health care is funded.

“There’s this idea that if we want to have health care as a basic human right, we should get it for everybody,” said topper.

“If we don’t, we don�t get it at all.”

Health care is expensive for people living in poverty Health care costs are a big driver of the high cost of living in Canada.

Statistics Canada data shows the average cost per capita in Canada is $25,200 in 2017.

That is up from an average of $21,300 in 2015 and $20,900 in 2014.

The CCPA said that the increase in health care costs in Canada was mainly due to the aging population.

“We see that seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, people living with disabilities are spending more money on their health than people who don’t have health problems,” said Chris Levesque, director of the CCPPA.

A lot of the increase is because people are spending less on health insurance, but the increase also reflects an increase in the cost per person of prescription drug costs.

The median cost of the average prescription drug in Canada in 2017 (median age in years) was $6,800, up 10.3 per cent.

That means people who are 55 and older are paying $824 more per year for their prescription drugs than people 65 and older.

The increase in prescription drug cost also reflects the increase, not the increase of people using prescription drugs as opposed to other medical care.

“In 2017, people who were 65 and over spent an average $634 more per month on prescription drugs, and this was more than twice as much as people under 35 who were age 65 and under,” said Levesques.

“The average cost for prescription drug prescriptions in Canada increased by 20.3 percent over the previous year.”

That’s because people who had pre-cancerous or terminal illnesses are now spending more on their medical care, according Levesques.

But seniors and people living on fixed incomes are not seeing the greatest increase in their costs.

“It’s not just people with a chronic disease,” said Robyn Ritchie, senior director of advocacy and policy with the CHCA.

“That’s not true for people who have no medical condition.

People living in income brackets above the poverty line have seen the most increases in their medical costs, with average annual increases of more than 35 per cent.”

According to the CHACA, people in the lowest income bracket spend the most on prescription drug insurance.

But for the average person living in the highest income bracket, the average annual increase is only 10 per cent on prescription medication.

“When people are at the lower end of the income distribution, there are also things like prescription drug plans and

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