A new study from The American Conservatives shows that the Valley is struggling to find qualified people for its workforce.

According to a report from the California-based think tank, The Center for Health Care Policy Research (CHPR), California ranks 12th in the country in job growth, but the state is far behind on health care.

While the state has a growing workforce, it’s lagging behind other states, including Texas, Arizona and New York, which have added nearly 2 million jobs since the start of the year.CHPR also notes that the average income of a California family is just $54,000 a year, while California’s median household income is just over $55,000.

That means the Valley has a far higher cost of living than other states in the Midwest, which has experienced a surge in its population over the past decade, according to a recent report from Moody’s Analytics.

“It’s the most expensive place to live in the United States.

You’re not going to find that in New York or Chicago,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s.

The report notes that more than half of California’s job openings in the medical and nursing professions require less than a bachelor’s degree, and many of the occupations require a bachelor of science degree or less.

There are also plenty of high-paying positions in health care, such as teaching, law and medicine, as well as in community service.CHPM, however, notes that while the Valley’s unemployment rate is at an all-time low, its rate of job growth is below the national average.

The Valley has added nearly 1.3 million jobs over the last two years, but its workforce is just shy of half of what it was in 2000.

That’s largely because many of its newly hired workers don’t have a high school diploma or are unemployed.

The Center for Workforce Innovation’s analysis found that while nearly two-thirds of jobs in the health care industry are temporary, most of the job openings are in the longer term.

The reason is that the region is looking to expand into other industries.

The Center notes that many of these temporary jobs require a high degree of training, but some require a doctorate.

And it’s becoming more difficult to find these doctors, so the Valley needs to find people with advanced training and advanced degrees.

The region is also struggling to fill its growing needs for healthcare professionals, as the demand for doctors has risen significantly in recent years.CHPP’s analysis shows that California has an acute shortage of doctors and nurse practitioners, with the state currently having a shortage of 4,800 positions, according the report.

This shortage is also a concern in other health care sectors, as it puts a strain on other states.

In the private sector, there is a shortage in information technology workers, according CHPR, as many tech companies are looking to hire temporary workers in the coming years.

And while the number of workers in that sector has increased over the years, it still represents only a small percentage of total workers.

In addition, CHPR notes that there are still a lot of nurses in the labor force in California, which means that the lack of qualified nurses means that employers may be forced to pay lower wages to attract them to the Valley.

The state’s unemployment rates are currently below 4%, but it’s expected to fall to 4.8% in the near future.

The study concludes that while California is not performing as well in terms of job creation as other states are doing, it should continue to invest in health and healthcare to improve its workforce, and that it should look to the rest of the country to attract more skilled workers.

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