Medical bills can be very expensive and you might have to pay more than $200 out of pocket if you’re lucky.

But if you’ve got medical insurance and the bill is too expensive for you to cover, then you might be able to pay it off in a few weeks.

Here’s how to get the most out of your medical bills.


Call the company The first thing you need to do is call your medical provider or go online to find out if your company has a service to pay medical bills online.

If you have a phone plan, you’ll need to sign up to use the service.

Some health insurance companies offer their own medical phone line to cover some medical costs.


Call your provider if you need more information On your phone call, you can ask the company for more information about how much medical bills they can pay or what services they can offer.

They might also ask you to fill out a form to get more details about how to pay.

If they’re not able to help you, ask to speak to a doctor to talk to your provider.


Pay the bill You can pay the medical bill online, by phone or by fax.

Paying by phone means you’ll be able see how much money you’ve paid and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to spend.


Change the date You’ll need your current bill to pay your bill in full.

If the doctor says they can’t do it until a certain date, ask them to change it.

Some companies will let you change the date of your bill if you make a request.

You can also ask your doctor if they can change the payment or if they’re able to do it for you.


Write the bill If you’ve signed up to the service, it will tell you how much time has passed since you signed up.

You’ll be asked for a time and a date to sign the bill, so write down what you want and then pay.

You might also need to fill in some other information to prove your identity, like your name, address and phone number.


Sign up for the service If you don’t have a plan, it’s a good idea to sign-up for the medical phone service.

You don’t need to pay anything upfront, but you might want to pay for a phone line.

If there’s no medical provider in your area, you might also be able the free medical line to call your doctor to see how you’re doing.


Use the service The next thing you’ll do is fill out the form to pay by phone.

This will show you how you can change your bill and get a payment plan if you don-t want to sign a form and wait.


Check if there’s a charge If there isn’t a charge to pay, you should be able get a refund.

However, you will still have to fill up a form with your doctor and pay the full bill.

The medical provider may ask you questions about your medical history and history of medical conditions.

The doctor will also ask how much the payment will cover.


File a complaint if you think there’s an error If you think the medical provider’s medical billing is inaccurate, you could file a complaint with the health authority.

Some people also want to report a problem with the billing to the insurance company, but this is not required.


Contact your insurance company If you pay your medical bill by phone, you may be able claim compensation for the money you paid.

You could also be entitled to an insurance rebate.

However you choose to claim compensation, the health insurance company may take a cut of your total bill.

You may also be eligible for other benefits, including health insurance.

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