When it comes to dressing for the upcoming rugby season, you can’t afford to be unwell, so the next best thing is to make sure you’re healthy and well.

Here are five key tips to help you achieve the healthiest of self-care.


Get plenty of water When you’re a rugby player, there’s little you can do about the water you use, as it’s always filtered.

But for those who are in the medical scrum, the situation can be even worse.

As the water is filtered, some of the chlorine in the water also gets into the air, increasing your chances of getting bronchitis and other potentially deadly diseases.


Limit the amount of food You don’t want to get sick with the flu, but the food you eat and drink may also influence your immune system.

One way to limit the amount you eat is to avoid red meat, especially white meat, as they are more likely to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses.


Use a mask When you are in an emergency situation, a mask will help protect your face and throat from the chemicals produced by the body.

But while it may look pretty, it can be dangerous, as a mask is not a substitute for medical care.


Use the same mask for each of your days of work If you’re taking part in an exercise session or a sports day, make sure that you are using the same type of mask for all of your workdays.

You can also choose to wear a different mask if you are at work or in the gym.


Don’t use a mask on your head The use of a mask can also affect your lungs and heart, and may be risky.

Make sure that your mask is made of the same material, so that the chlorine won’t leach into your bloodstream.


Avoid smoking If you smoke, you may find that you don’t get any of the benefits of the smoke that you would have if you were not exposed to second-hand smoke.


Don´t use an electric blanket The use and safety of electric blankets are not well understood and, in many countries, they are not permitted for rugby players.

If you do need to use an electrical blanket, make certain that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


Use sunscreen When you use sunscreen, you’re exposing yourself to UV radiation and damaging the skin that protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.


Make an effort to stay hydrated You’ll want to keep your body hydrated, as dehydration can cause the body to lose its ability to retain water and make your body waterlogged.


Use an ice pack when you’re playing rugby, as ice packs can increase your risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration.


Stay away from high temperatures and use a headlamp When you wear a headband, you are also wearing a protective device that increases your risk for getting sunburn.


Wear a head covering If you wear head coverings, make it one that is at least two inches in height, to protect your eyes.


Use eye protection When you go to bed, wear a face mask or eye protection, even if you’re not sleeping.


Don`t use a vacuum cleaner When using a vacuum, make your way around the house in a straight line, so as not to cause damage to your clothes.


Take care of your skin Use a gentle cleanser when washing your hands, especially after a game or during the pre-match routine.


Wash your hands often When you do laundry, don’t use bleach and make sure to use a detergent instead.

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