The term “cerebral palsy” may be a bit too general to be helpful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to spot it on a first-time child.

Asking questions, tracking the progress of seizures, and treating the symptoms are all things to watch out for if you have children under the age of three.

Here are some simple tips to help you identify and treat the condition.


Ask questions 1.1 Why is my child having seizures?

As parents, we know that sometimes it’s not easy to know exactly what’s happening to our children, and the right questions can help us get the answer we need.

We often ask questions like: “What’s going on?” or “Why is my kid shaking?”

What we want to know is, “Is my child going to have seizures?”

If you can, try asking these questions in person, as well.

Some questions to ask include: “Does your child have seizures, or is he having seizures?”

“Is there a reason why he’s shaking?” or, “How long is he going to be shaking?”

A quick way to find out is to ask your child if he or she has had a seizure.

The right question to ask may vary depending on the type of seizure, as you may be asking about more than one symptom, but you’ll likely want to ask if the child is experiencing the symptoms themselves.

“How many seizures did he or I have last night?” or the “How are my seizures affecting me?” questions are great ways to find the answers to these questions, which are helpful when you’re worried about your child’s well-being.

If you do get a question that sounds too specific, ask what the symptoms might be, or ask your son or daughter about what they’ve experienced in the past week.

Sometimes you may also want to include a list of your childs symptoms, such as a seizure history.


Track progress and treatment 2.1 Are my children making progress?

Some children are better at keeping a steady pace than others.

In general, most children with medical conditions can do well on their own, so they won’t always feel well enough to be seen by a doctor.

If your child has been taking medication or is on a medication regimen, check in frequently to see if they’re feeling better.

For example, if you see a lot of red, it may be time to stop taking the medication.

If they’re also feeling nauseous or gasping for air, you may want to talk to your child to see what medications they’re taking and if they need any special support.

If the child has trouble breathing or struggling to stand up, it could be that they have a neurological disorder, or if they’ve had seizures, the child may be suffering from epilepsy.


Talk to your doctor When you ask questions to a doctor about your kid’s seizure history, ask if there are any symptoms that might indicate seizures are occurring, or talk to the doctor about the symptoms that are happening.

You may also be able to ask them if they know of any seizure medications that can help control seizures.

They may be able give you information about what medications you might need or to find some treatment options.

For children with epilepsy, you might also want them to be tested for epilepsy.

If an epilepsy test comes back positive, you can ask the doctor for an evaluation of your son, or your daughter for a treatment plan.


Take your child home to the hospital If you’re concerned about your baby’s safety while in the hospital, you’ll want to check in regularly to make sure your child isn’t experiencing seizure symptoms.

Make sure you get a check-up appointment at least once a week and make sure they’re comfortable being home.

A visit to the emergency room or a neurologist’s office may also help, but most pediatricians won’t perform these types of tests for you.

You can find more information about the emergency department and neurologist services at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Take medications if necessary 5.1 How often do I need to take medications?

It depends on your child.

Your child may not need to be taking a specific medication for a seizure to occur.

However, if your kid has any seizures that don’t stop within a few hours, it’s important to take your child back to the home of their family, friends, or caretakers for an emergency.

Your family may be more comfortable taking your child in if you can talk with them, but it’s best to have them in the home to make the most of their time there.

For kids with seizures that last longer than an hour, it might be better to be in the office or on a computer, and they can have their medication taken when they need it.

If it takes more than an hours, the pediatrician may suggest taking your kids

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