The QHS Medical Center is a major hub for the US healthcare system, with hospitals and clinics spread across the country.

The medical center was founded in 1947, and was the first of its kind in the country to provide medical care to the uninsured.

The hospital is currently one of the largest providers of medical care in the US.

Now the center is under fire for its care of people with HIV/AIDS.

Recode recently caught up with Dr. Raghuram Krishnan, a former head of the QS hospital, and a former HIV/AIDs nurse, to learn more about the center.

Q: I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the history of the medical center and how it evolved from a very basic health care facility to a major healthcare facility.


I think it’s a little hard to really talk about the roots of the hospital because it was so new.

I mean, we had never seen a hospital, but we were very interested in looking at the health care system and how we could take advantage of the technology we had and create an environment where we could really make a difference.

It was very much a collaborative effort with the medical community.

Q, What was your role in the founding of the facility?


The facility was originally a small clinic for the uninsured in a poor neighborhood in Chicago.

We were in a neighborhood that had a very high rate of HIV.

And it was a very, very, low-income community.

So we were able to use our expertise to develop an HIV testing service.

So the goal was to offer this service, a safe, reliable, high-quality service.

And we developed the technology to do that.

And at that point, the community saw that this was something they could take for granted and be a part of.

Q: So the question you had to answer was: Why didn’t you just start doing the HIV testing and care for the people who were most at risk of getting infected?

Q: We were really looking at our ability to be a community leader.

So I was in charge of the entire HIV/ AIDS program.

I was very passionate about this, and I took it very seriously.

And so we built a very large HIV/ AIDs unit.

We had a facility that was completely designed for the HIV/APHIV group, and we worked very closely with the CDC to create an HIV/Q testing facility.

We built this testing unit and we had an HIV clinic there, as well.

Q.: And you also took on a very important role in setting up the community health centers?

Q, No, not really.

It wasn’t a very involved role for me.

It certainly wasn’t for me to be the CEO of a health care institution.

But it was very,very important.

And I felt like it was in my hands.

And as an African American woman who was working in the health field, I felt that this kind of leadership position was something I needed.

Q., How did you decide to focus on this?

Q., I was fortunate.

I had a great family.

I did a lot of work with young people and also with people who are older, working in different communities, who were very concerned about the issue of AIDS.

And they wanted to help.

And that’s what led to this.

Q:, Did you ever get involved in any sort of political activities or advocacy?

Q.: We weren’t really involved in the political sphere at all.

We never had any kind of political support.

Q., Was there any time you became involved in political activities?

Q:, No, there wasn’t.

I didn’t know about any politics at all until my mid-30s.

Q.: Were you involved in campaigns?

Q,, No.

I knew very little about politics, and that was one of those things that I knew I didn�t need to be involved in.

I just had to work.

I got into it, but I didn��t really have to work on anything.

I worked for a couple of different companies, and then I retired.

Q, Were you in contact with the Clinton administration?

Q,- Yes.

I would say I had meetings with the secretary of state and others, but they weren�t on a large scale.

But I was always very close to them, because I thought that was a role that was important to them.


How did that role change when you retired?


I was never in the Clinton White House.

I never had a role in policy, because they never had policy people.

So what I did do was work with the Department of Health and Human Services.

And there were several other people who also worked in the department, and the ones who I was working with were all Clinton people.

I actually became involved with the Clintons because I was also interested in the healthcare issue.

And then later I got involved with Clinton, so

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