The opioid crisis has caused a lot of harm, and now it’s causing a lot more.

The opioid epidemic has been a major driver of the opioid overdose crisis, according to a new study.

The researchers surveyed nearly 1,000 doctors and medical professionals in the U.S. to find out how they think the crisis is impacting their work.

The survey found that the greatest amount of pain, death, and hospitalization was experienced by doctors, not by patients.

The greatest number of opioid prescriptions were prescribed to doctors by patients, not patients.

And the largest number of prescription opioid abuse and addiction treatments were given to patients by patients rather than doctors.

Here are some key takeaways from the study:The opioid crisis was the most serious of the three crises in terms of both deaths and deaths and treatment.

Doctors and medical staff felt the most pain, with more than two-thirds reporting that pain had become a daily occurrence.

In fact, nearly one-quarter of the physicians and medical workers who responded to the survey reported that pain was a daily or nearly daily occurrence in their practice.

The pain and deaths in medical practice were also the most frequent causes of death.

Almost three-quarters of the doctors and other medical staff reported that they have had at least one patient die due to an opioid overdose.

Only 16 percent of physicians and other staff reported a single death.

The opioid prescription opioid addiction crisis is one of the largest and most serious in recent years.

It is also one of its most costly, with doctors spending more than $2 billion on opioid addiction treatment each year.

The number of deaths and overdoses have been increasing.

More than 4,400 opioid deaths have been reported across the country in 2016, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That’s up from nearly 1.5 million in 2015.

That increase has been attributed in part to a surge in the use of opioids by doctors.

The CDC has reported a dramatic increase in the number of overdose deaths over the last three years.

According to the CDC, nearly 3 million Americans have been hospitalized with an opioid-related disease, with about one-third of those cases occurring in rural areas and one-fourth in urban areas.

More than 1 million people have died from overdoses of opioids since 2014.

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