Health care workers often face an uphill battle in getting paid in the U.S., but that’s no reason to give up on a good day at work.

Here are the best ways to get the best salary in the country.


Get a Job with a Big Company The big three U.K.-based medical equipment manufacturers (HMEs) make up more than two-thirds of the $16.7 trillion U.A.E. market for equipment.

A new U.N. report found that these companies account for more than half of U.s. health care workers.


Get an Associate’s Degree or Master’s Degree The U.T.E./HME medical assistants are also one of the most qualified jobs in the nation.

They earn nearly $90,000 a year, according to the UBGV.


Start a Job With a Company with Competitive Pay While medical assistants have to earn a living wage, they can also earn up to $60,000 in salary annually.


Find an Internship While the average internships salary is around $19,000, there are many companies offering internships for much less.


Get the Right Health Care Contract The UBV reported that the median annual salary for an assistant in the industry was $18,000.

This includes health care providers who provide diagnostic, diagnostic services and nursing home care.


Make the Most of Your Health Insurance A U.P.

A survey of 1,000 U.H.O.s found that the average cost of health insurance for an associate is $18 million, and the average out-of-pocket expenses are $3,000 per patient.


Take Advantage of Early Retirement The UHCO-E data found that while the average age of medical assistants was 27, their average retirement date was 25.8 years old.


Take the Senior Tax Credit To get a tax deduction, you need to earn at least $200,000 annually, but most associate health care jobs offer senior positions that allow you to defer the tax payments for up to five years.


Become a Contractor With an Equal Pay Plan The UP.

E study found that of the nearly 2,000 people in the field who received the minimum wage in 2013, only 9.9 percent earned an income of at least the federal minimum wage.


Become an Independent Contractor You may earn a higher hourly rate, but you will have more bargaining power.

Contractors can negotiate for better wages, more sick days, and better benefits.


Take Home More Than Your Pay As with all health care professionals, they have to live in the community and get paid for their work.

You can also take home more than your pay.


Learn to Contract Your Own Care Your experience as a contractor will give you a solid foundation for future jobs.


Make Your Health Pay More While your salary is likely to be lower than you’d expect, it will also pay for your education and training.

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