Medical employers in this country are often referred to as ‘medical workers’, but the term is actually a bit more inclusive than this.

The largest employer in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association, has an unemployment rate of 13.5% (according to the most recent data).

It’s not the highest rate of any profession, but it’s higher than the overall rate.

The CMA also reports that it has a high level of disability and chronic illness, as well as medical students with high medical education.

But what are the top medical occupations in Canada?

Below is a breakdown of the top ten medical jobs in Canada according to the latest job data from the Canadian Labour Force Survey (CFS).

Note: The CFS data was last updated on March 31, 2018.

A medical school degree is a required qualification for most medical jobs.

In the most comprehensive analysis of medical unemployment rates, I used the CFS as the basis for my analysis.

But, there are some caveats.

First, the CMA does not release its annual data until June.

This means it will likely be a little more volatile than the data from previous years, but this will allow for a better estimate of the overall unemployment rate.

Second, CMA reports only medical occupations.

It’s possible that some of the occupations it reported on in 2016 are no longer in use or have been phased out.

Third, the employment figures are based on employers reporting to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Statistics website.

The labour force statistics report only part of the total Canadian workforce, and there are a number of other sources that are used in the calculations.

This could mean that the unemployment rate from these other sources might be slightly higher than what the CCA reported.

This is why I compared the CSA’s 2016 unemployment figures to the data reported by Statistics Canada.

A doctor in Toronto, Canada Source: Flickr user bmatthew.

Flickr user __________________ Last updated on January 30, 2019 10:28:16 The top 10 most common medical occupations are: Medical assistant (assisting a physician) Dentist/surgeon (medical assistant) Physician Assistant (assessing, dispensing, and treating medical supplies) Pharmacist (medical pharmacy) Nurse Practitioner (clinical nurse) Registered nurse (clinical social worker) Registered dietitian (nutritionist) Physical therapist (physical therapy) Physical therapists (physical therapist) Registered nurses (nursing assistants) Registered social workers (social workers) Registered cosmetologists (cosmetology) Registered optometrists (optometrists) Registered orthodontists (orthodontics) Registered ophthalmologists (optometry) Registered plastic surgeons (surgery) Registered podiatrists (surgeons) Registered psychiatrists (psychiatrists) Dentists (dentists) Dentistry (dental office) Hospitalist (hospital) Hospital and primary care doctor (primary care) Pharmacy (pharmacy) Pharmacists (pharmacists) Pharmacies (pharma) Registered pharmacy assistants (prescription drug store) Registered pharmacists (pre-authorized pharmacies) Registered occupational therapists (practitioners of occupational therapy) Registered nursing assistants (nurses) Registered physical therapists (physiotherapists) Registered personal trainers (personal trainers) Registered Registered physical therapy assistants (physical therapists) Registered primary care providers (primary health care) Registered psychotherapies (psychotherapys) Registered respiratory therapists (therapy) Registered rehabilitation therapists (rehabilitation) Registered psychologists (psychologists) Registered nutritionists (nutritionists) Nurses (nurse) Registered physiotherapians (physio-therapists).

Registered massage therapists (muscle therapists) Nursing assistants (caregivers) Registered massage therapy therapists (personal therapists) Nursery and family nurse (nannies) Registered midwives (midwives) Registered registered dietitians (nutrition specialists) Registered dentists (gastroenterologists) Nurse practitioners (naturists) Nurse midwives/midwives (nungatists) Nursing assistant (nuroral assistants) Nursing teachers (primary teachers) Registered home health care (home health care assistants) Nurse home care aides (home care aides) Registered practical nurses (physicians) Registered obstetricians (clinical midwives) Nurse technicians (numbers and tables) Registered allied health practitioners (aided-living specialists) Nursinary aides (care workers) Nurse technologists (technicians) Nursi-therapy (numerics) Nurse assistants (teachers) Registered dental assistants (dermatologists) Nursies (nursed home) Registered health practitioners/dental assistants (clinical nurses) Registered speech and language therapists (speech and language specialists) RNs (medical nurses) Nursys (nunts) Registered veterinary and veterinary assistants (veterinary and veterinary staff) Registered animal welfare specialists (animal care providers) Registered agricultural (pasture, hay and livestock) Registered nursery and gardeners (nourish and feed the animals)

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