SANTA ANA — While you may have to get your own surgery, it’s still best to get an alternative, if possible.

“We are the best medical center in California for surgical outcomes,” said Dr. David Cramer, a cardiologist at the San Luis Obispo Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

“Our surgeons are experts in their field.

Our nurses are expert at their specialty.”

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that the best hospitals are those that have at least one nurse in the surgical center, and those that are run by nurses with the proper training.

“It’s important for nurses to know how to deal with patients in the hospital,” said Cramer.

“They should be trained to help patients, not just to do their jobs.”

There are also many options for healthcare providers that are not hospitals.

The National Hospital Association, the trade group of more than 400 hospitals in the United States, recommends healthcare providers to work from home.

“You need to have a nurse in your office and you need to bring your own supplies,” said NHA president and CEO Dr. Michael Katz.

“If you’re not in a place that has a nurse, you’re going to have some problems.”

Many of the nurses in San Luis OB are trained as nurses, Katz said.

“Nurses are a really good team.

They’re not just a part of the staff.

They are the person with the equipment that is going to be in charge of performing an operation,” Katz said, adding that nurses can also be in the operating room as part of an emergency team, helping with the recovery.

San Luis is one of several California counties where nurses work as part-time workers, though it’s not the only county that has this option.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, there are about 10,000 nursing home residents in California, but only about 4,000 have full-time jobs.

“In addition to having nurses, the nurses who are part-timers are more than likely working part- time,” said Katz.

The best option is to work as a part-timer in your home, as opposed to working at a hospital.

In some cases, part- timers are able to earn a salary in their home community while working full- time in the community, Katz explained.

“A lot of people are trying to find ways to make it work for them,” Katz explained, adding, “If they don’t work, they’ll probably end up in a nursing home.”

The most popular option for home care workers is to find a home care provider who will work from the home of the person who will be having a medical procedure.

“That way, you can work at home, and then if you have an emergency or you’re in the emergency room, you don’t have to travel to a hospital to get care,” Katz added.

A number of nursing homes in the San Joaquin Valley offer a home health plan to the residents of their community.

“There’s a lot of things that are in the plan that you’re doing that you can’t do at the hospital.

You can do your own things there,” Katz noted.

“The nurses and the medical staff, they’re the ones that are working the entire day.

You’re getting the whole package.

You don’t need to travel anywhere to get a good night’s sleep.”

For more healthcare information, visit our health resources page.

Contact Kate Baca at [email protected] or on Twitter @Kate_Baca.

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