Many people have been asking whether it’s possible to afford vaccines and if so, how much to buy.

Some people are struggling to afford the vaccines but are not sure whether it is worth it.

“I’m a physician and I can’t afford it,” said Shana Rafiq, a 25-year-old medical assistant in Jordan who had been immunized for three doses of the vaccine in 2016.

She had been vaccinated against rotavirus and measles.

The cost of the shots varies, ranging from $125 for two doses to $1,200 for four doses, according to the National Vaccine Information Center.

Rafiq said she was able to pay for the vaccine for a week after a friend of hers who had received the shot recommended it. 

But she said it was hard to get the vaccine to the office and sometimes she would have to wait a week to get vaccinated again.

“You go to work, you get the flu, you come back and it’s too late to get that vaccine,” she said.

“I had a lot of sleepless nights because I had to wait for that shot, and I couldn’t afford the cost.” 

The vaccines are also not free, but they can be cheaper than buying them at the pharmacy.

But, Rafiz said, the vaccine has made her nervous.

“If I see someone who’s sick, I can see that they need help and it would be great if someone would help them,” she added.

“The people who are taking the shots are not the ones that need help.

It’s their families that need to get help.” 

A spokeswoman for the UnitedHealthcare company that provides the vaccine said there was no way to “understand the impact” on those without insurance.

“To provide vaccine assistance, the United Healthcare vaccination program must meet the requirements of the ACA and the National Health Security Act of 2018,” the spokeswoman said in an email.

“There is no cost to individuals with health insurance.

The cost is determined by each individual’s income level, as well as how many doses of vaccine they require.””

To date, we have provided vaccine assistance to approximately 5.7 million individuals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

The UnitedHealth spokesperson also noted that the cost of vaccines is not reflected in the price of a UnitedHealthCare membership, which costs $199.99 a year. 

The spokesperson also said the United Healthcare Vaccine Program was “designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to purchase insurance coverage through the federal exchange for the purchase of vaccines.”

“In 2018, the ACA required a two-year wait for coverage to begin.

UnitedHealth has been offering cost-free, vaccine-assisted coverage since March of 2020,” the spokesperson said. 

Some health insurance plans do not cover the cost to those without coverage.

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